Plans for Better Living

Better Life Plans

Providing quality cost-effective benefit packages
tailored to its members' needs.

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Better Life Plans (BLP) is a subscription service with
cost-effective programs aimed at helping
our clients live better lives.

BLP is here to ease the burdens of daily life and provide first class assistance through a range of programs. Through our relationships with attorneys and law firms across the United States, budgeting resources,

discounted identity theft protection and other included services, our various club memberships provide flexibility and significant value to our members.

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I’m very pleased with my experience with Better Life Plans. I can’t emphasize how considerate, compassionate, and effective they were regarding my case. Rarely do you experience that sort of attentiveness, compassion and resolve when it comes to legal issues. They truly were wonderful and put my mind at ease when resolving things. I can’t thank or recommend them enough.

Dorothy B

Commercial Director