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We have engaged attorneys and law firms across the country to assist clients of debt settlement programs.

Debt settlement companies often do not have the means or ability to assist their clients effectively in the event they are sued. In some states, it may even be required that an attorney be the one to resolve your lawsuit. That’s where our relationship with attorneys can help. Attorneys who have agreed to participate in BLP’s debt settlement support plan have agreed to accept deep discounts on their fees for their assistance in debt collection lawsuits. Just mention your name and club ID number to the participating attorney to get access to your exclusive rates!

If you are considering debt settlement or are engaged with a debt settlement company, add BLP’s Debt Settlement Support plan to give you piece of mind and legal assistance if things go bad. Call today at 888-846-8180.

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I’m very pleased with my experience with Better Life Plans. I can’t emphasize how considerate, compassionate, and effective they were regarding my case. Rarely do you experience that sort of attentiveness, compassion and resolve when it comes to legal issues. They truly were wonderful and put my mind at ease when resolving things. I can’t thank or recommend them enough.

Dorothy B

Commercial Director