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BLP Legal Plan is a legal benefit plan where members receive quality representation for free or at discounted rates.

Legal Club attorneys are available to work on any and all legal matters that you may encounter.

Here are just some of BLP Legal Plan benefits:

Free Legal Services

  • Initial Phone Conference or face-to-face with attorney for each new matter.
  • Review of legal documents (6 page max)
  • Free Simple Will
  • Free Living Will
  • Attorney assistance in representing member in small claims court.
  • Assistance with government programs, such as Welfare or INS.
  • Attorney will draft letter on member’s behalf (when appropriate).
  • Attorney will make phone call on member’s behalf (when appropriate).

Deep Discounts on Some Flat Fee Legal Services

  • Traffic Ticket Defense
  • Name Change
  • Simple Will (with Minor’s Trust)
  • Chapter 7 Bankruptcy
  • Non-Support (Spouse/Child)
  • Simple Divorce
  • Regular Incorporation
  • Real Estate Closings

Low Hourly/Contingency Rates

  • $125/hour or 40% off normal hourly rate for the attorney, whichever is greater.
  • Contingency Fee Cases—10% reduction of the state statutory rate or the attorney’s usual rate, whichever is lower.

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I’m very pleased with my experience with Better Life Plans. I can’t emphasize how considerate, compassionate, and effective they were regarding my case. Rarely do you experience that sort of attentiveness, compassion and resolve when it comes to legal issues. They truly were wonderful and put my mind at ease when resolving things. I can’t thank or recommend them enough.

Dorothy B

Commercial Director